Cage-Busting Leadership (Educational Innovations Series) by Frederick M. Hess

Cage-Busting Leadership (Educational Innovations Series)

Book Title: Cage-Busting Leadership (Educational Innovations Series)

Publisher: Harvard Education Press

ISBN: 1612505066

Author: Frederick M. Hess

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Frederick M. Hess with Cage-Busting Leadership (Educational Innovations Series)

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A practical and entertaining volume, Cage-Busting Leadership will be of profound interest and value to school and district leaders—and to everyone with a stake in school improvement.

Rick Hess aptly describes his aims at the start of this provocative book: "I believe that two things are true. It is true, as would-be reformers often argue, that statutes, policies, rules, regulations, contracts, and case law make it tougher than it should be for school and system leaders to drive improvement and, well, lead. However, it is also the case that leaders have far more freedom to transform, reimagine, and invigorate teaching, learning, and schooling than is widely believed.”

In his travels across the country, Rick Hess has met school and system leaders who have shared stories about evading, blasting through, or reshaping unnecessary and counterproductive constraints. Drawing on these stories, and with his sharp eye, Hess shows current and aspiring leaders how they can cultivate and sustain powerful cultures of teaching and learning.